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I think myself an artist, mainly, it is a painter. Because I can express my essence with paint on canvas. But I have other expressions, photography, movie, or writing. An expression is an expression to me. I don’t want to make difference among those expressions. In this context, I can say I am a collage maker, or just a creator.


*Abstract Painting

Abstraction is on the way to Simplification. I usually make abstract paintings. I paint my feelings or thoughts about the things happen in life. They are including the events of my inner parts. I see the world with my eyes. But I’m not sure I can experience things as people do. So I make something can be touched with my hands. It is a sort of self-requirement. When I make the somethings, I tend to make abstracts on canvas. They had just happened in my life or imaginations. I have experienced those things, actually.



Born: 1994.1.7

Place: Tokyo, Japan

Love: tennis, traveling, natures, movies, novels

I started the career as a photographer in fall at 2017. I had taken photographs of nature and human, since I had graduated from Waseda university in Tokyo. I had studied law in the university. But I couldn’t find the things answering to my self-requirement. I didn’t know what I wanted to study, actually. Then I was an ordinary student, liked tennis, sometimes go to drink with friends, didn’t know anything about my future. I had felt anxious with my life. 

Times past, I entered a company in April of 2017. It was a company making chemical materials. I had been seeking my place and dream then, I couldn’t have stand I’m in a room with computers and white room lights. I wanted to go out of there. 4 months later of entering, I quit. And I went to a theater studio in Tokyo. Because I wanted to try my expressions in acting. I started photography soon in mountains. 2 months later of the quitting, I decided to make my career as a photographer. Photography was important for me. But I found I could express on canvas with a brush and paints more freely. It was 2018. I felt it was much freer than photograph.  To me, painting is good to make my imaginations in shapes and colors. The world of imaginations are important for me.

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